Taxi in Bahrain

 Sie können sich ein Taxi bestellen.  Man verhandelt aber besser vorher den Preis. Bahrain Taxi hat die Telefon Nummer +973 33881925 (WhatsApp). Sagen Sie dem Dispatcher, was Sie wollen und er wird es möglich machen. Mehr als 100 € (45 BD) sollten Sie nicht zahlen, eventuell noch eine Tankfüllung am Ende (ca 10 BD = 25 €).

Das sind die Regeln:

The passenger has to pay the Taxi fare as it appears on the vehicle meter as it is calculated as below:
BD. 1.000 as the meter starting fare during the first period and BD. 1.250 fils applicable during the second period.
Fare for each kilometer following the first KM is 200 fils, during the first period, increasing to 250 fils during the second period.
BD 0.050 fils for each minute of waiting during both periods.
BD. 2.000 for one time only, if the distance is exceeding 25 KM.
BD. 0.500 fils for each passenger over five passengers (applicable to permitted vehicles).
Add BD. 2.000 to vehicle meter reading if the used taxi is from those waiting at Bahrain Airport.
Add BD. 1.000 to vehicle meter reading if the used taxi is among those waiting at the hotel rank.

The second period fare is applicable during Public Holidays and weekend.
Add BD. 1.000 to vehicle meter reading during Hijiri public holidays.
An additional amount not to exceed BD 2.000 may added to the vehicle meter reading in respect of benefiting from the service offered by licensed telecommunication counters. (Funktaxiaufschlag)

If the passenger wishes to use the taxi for a long period, the sum of BD. 25.000 shall be charged for each (6) hours, or BD. 40.000 for each (12) hours, excluding the calculation for the driven distance. (Zuschlag zu den Kilometerpreisen)
First period – means the period commencing after 6.00 AM and up to 22.00 PM.
Second period – means the period commencing after 22.00 PM up to 6 o’clock in the morning.

Muharraq 5 BD
Manama 6 BD
Saar 10 BD
Riffa 12 BD
Zallaq/F1 15 BD

Incase of any complaints, please dial us on our round the clock Telephone +973 17 782 828.

Es gibt auch www.uber.com in Bahrain

Polizei in Bahrain
Polizei in Bahrain