Dreisternekoch Heinz Beck kommt nach Bahrain!

Heinz Beck mit proCute Gewürzstreuer in der Hand und Christian Romanowski zu Gast

Der beste Koch Roms, Heinz Beck, kommt nach Bahrain!

Chef Heinz Beck

Heinz  Beck gehört zu den besten 50 Köchen dieser Erde, was diverse Listen immer wieder bestätigen!


Born in Germany in 1963, Heinz Beck’s professional career began after obtaining his “chef qualification” from the Professional School in Passau in Bavaria. Working in some of Europe’s finest kitchens including the 3 Michelin starred Tantris in Munich, Beck quickly gained in experience and confidence. In 1991, he accepted the position of Sous Chef joining the team at Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau where he contributed to the opening of the restaurant (2 Michelin stars). After a brief period working in Berlin organizing prestigious events at the Presidential headquarters, Beck arrived in Rome in 1994 at La Pergola in the Hotel Cavalieri. The following 10 years saw Beck achieve the eventual position of Executive Chef, as the industry awards and accolades flooded in, including 3 Michelin stars. In 2000 he received the “Golden Medal of the Artists Foyer” from La Sapienza Rome University – the first time the award was gained by a chef in 30 years – and in 2002, his award-winning book “Beck Heinz” was published. In 2009 his latest venture Apsley’s opened at the Lanesborough Hotel in London gaining its first Michelin star in 2010. Heinz Beck’s cuisine is considered a blend of his early training of German discipline with one of the most sensitive and innovative interpretations of the nuances of Italian cuisine

Heinz Beck mit proCute Gewürzstreuer in der Hand und Christian Romanowski zu Gast


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